Wednesday, August 4, 2010

From wireless school the WAG (wireless air gunner) trainee proceeded to a B&GS (Bombing and Gunnery School) for a 4 week (later 6 week) course on air firing. Air Observers also went to bombing and gunnery schools upon completion of their training at the Air Observer School, for a 6 week air bombing course. When the Air Observer trade was abolished and replaced by 4 more specialized trades, the Navigator/Bomber and the Air Bomber both received training in bombing at a B&GS, the courses running 6-8 weeks and 8-12 weeks respectively. In 1942, a separate course with a 12 week syllabus, was also introduced for the training of air gunners to meet the great demand in that trade to man the heavy bomber.

Graduates from No. 4 Air Observer's School during the Second World War
Navigators  RCAF 1222, RAF 612, RAAF 74, RNZAF 68
Air Bombers  RCAF 1126, RAF  591, RAAF  28, RNZAF  9
Navigator/Bomber  RCAF  430, RAF  132, RAAF  4, RNZAF 153

Total  4142 graduates

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