Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jim Booth Sr. - Civilian Employee, Central Aircraft

My father worked at Central Aircraft Ltd. during the war years. I am attaching two 1943 pictures taken at the Central Aircraft site. My dad had many fond memories from those years. Because of his age he had to stay home & put up with all the women workers. Hope you enjoy the pictures! The civilian workers need to be remembered also. Jim Booth Jr.
(Photo: Jim Booth Sr. sitting in the cockpit of a Fairey Battle)
(Photo: Fairey Battles, one with drogue stripes and Avro Ansons at the south end of Crumlin airfield.)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

From wireless school the WAG (wireless air gunner) trainee proceeded to a B&GS (Bombing and Gunnery School) for a 4 week (later 6 week) course on air firing. Air Observers also went to bombing and gunnery schools upon completion of their training at the Air Observer School, for a 6 week air bombing course. When the Air Observer trade was abolished and replaced by 4 more specialized trades, the Navigator/Bomber and the Air Bomber both received training in bombing at a B&GS, the courses running 6-8 weeks and 8-12 weeks respectively. In 1942, a separate course with a 12 week syllabus, was also introduced for the training of air gunners to meet the great demand in that trade to man the heavy bomber.

Graduates from No. 4 Air Observer's School during the Second World War
Navigators  RCAF 1222, RAF 612, RAAF 74, RNZAF 68
Air Bombers  RCAF 1126, RAF  591, RAAF  28, RNZAF  9
Navigator/Bomber  RCAF  430, RAF  132, RAAF  4, RNZAF 153

Total  4142 graduates